It's been pretty nutty around here since the New Year and I've come to miss this space.  Here's a quick update with instagram!

Between work, Pre-School and teaching life has been a whirlwind.  And this little man? - doesn't stop for anything.  

At work - I've been pumping out American Original edits, mixes - you name it.  Had another session this week and another next week.  Whew!

Soren begged me for shrimp at the grocery store.  He was super pumped to try it - but still on the fence.  That spinach salad was toast though.  Put Provel cheese on anything (my Lou natives feel me) and he will scarf it.  

Speaking of Lou!  Friends came in town for a quick night from STL.  We celebrated our reunion with wine, beer and yep! Scrabble.  Soren got to hang with their wee one as well.  He is soooo pumped to hang with her again at the end of March.

Valentines day was spent with my favorite Valentine at school.  The next week we celebrated good health with a Donna's cookie.  My thyroid biopsy (yep - another reason I've been quiet around here) came back benign!!!  

Snowed in! All last week.  To say Soren was an amazing little helper is a considerable understatement.  Not just with the snow, but house chores too!  After dinner, he told me 'momma, I've got the dishes.  I'm much better at it.  You can go vacuum. Ok?'.  Wow.  Seriously.  I could fill this blog space with the things he's said lately.

Did I mention we were snowed in all last week?!  We were able to escape to the Cincinnati Art Museum for a scavenger hunt.  I love this city.

And last.  Today - gazing at the Great Wall of Flights.  Slinging darts has quickly become a favorite past time, but flights get eaten up faster than I thought possible!  So Soren helped me pick up a few pretty righteous ones.  And yes, I now owe him a magnet dart board.  Yeah!

That's a wrap!  Hope to be back soon!


'A portrait a week of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015'

Working on chords!  Watching the wheels turn has been a pretty incredible experience.  With music - completely different level.  I think it's time to snag an upright and start chugging out chords.  Love this precious face so much!


'A portrait a week of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015'

Soren is explaining how the esophagus works in this shot while wearing his Stegosaurus costume from two years ago - the Soren-saurus.  This pic takes me back to some of the first 52 portraits.  I have a pic from one and half with these crystal clear blues.  Heart melting watching you grow bubs.


'A portrait a week of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015'

I am so late in getting this up!  05 will be up tomorrow.  The year is already speeding by! 

This was Soren's focused face.  He was working diligently on fixing his Native American vest from school.  The fish lips were too much to handle.  Had to grab the camera.  Working on 05 after this.  See you soon!